Warum machen wir das überhaupt?!

While helping at „Seametrey Children’s Village“ I realized how much effort the founder „Muoy You“ and all the teachers put into the school to improve educational standards for the kids each and every day. Everybody works together in order to ensure Seametrey’s future.“ (Johanna, 21, nursery)

It is a great privilege to share my passion for sports with the kids. Their enthusiasm and joy makes our work pretty easy. At this school they get the chance to just be kids for a while and forget their miserable circumstances at home.“ (Inga, 18, sports teacher)

Ich persönlich finde es besonders schön Kindern die Möglichkeit zu geben, etwas aus ihrem Leben zu machen und gegen die Armut anzukämpfen. Die Hoffnung auf ein besseres Leben dieser Kinder sollte nicht verloren gehen.“ (Lucie, 19, allrounder)

Seeing children of all kind and social layers learning and playing together in this beautiful environment is an awesome experience. The smiles that brighten their faces when the teachers step into the classroom and their contagious joy while skating or playing football will be some of my most precious memories. Please donate to „Seametrey’s Children’s Village“ to help funding this unique opportunity of free education to help the local children and the whole country of Cambodia.“ (Alena, 18, arts and crafts teacher)

Es ist toll zu sehen, wie die Schule nicht nur den Villagekindern, sondern deren ganzen Familien einen Zugang zu Bildung ermöglicht und somit Hoffnung auf ein wertvolleres Leben schenkt.“ (Theresa, 18, english teacher)

All the educational work that happens at „Seametrey’s Children’s Village“ is highly important for the well-being of all the participants – today and in the future. As the state doesn’t support the school at all, a stable financial donation basis is most important to continue the work at school.“ (Lenny, 21, music teacher)

Seametrey“ ermöglicht es, das Kinder aus niedrigem und hohem sozialen Stand zusammen aufwachsen, lernen und Freundschaften fürs Leben schließen.“ (Janine, 18, sports teacher)